"Dave Bolt has a dynamic and creative gift in using Cartoon Lessons to capture the attention of primary school students that empower them to make right choices in their day to day life. Dave was able to impart strategies of conflict resolution through characters that made learning for the students pro-active and lots of fun."

  Terryl Welsh
  Area Chaplain

Wtl-logoLevi Anderson McKelvie, , from Parmelia, was given a Special Edition Children’s Book with Along CD by his grandmother, Veronica. When she saw him later he reflected and commented to her, Nanny you know that book you gave me, it’s a very sad story you know, Jesus dies, and you know He died for us all, But its OK Nanny, don’t be sad because He came alive again. Hallelujah! Out of the mouths of thou has perfected praise!

Trinity Cornell, at 3 years old was given one of the first books off the press from her Nanna, she continually asks for the book to be read to her, and has memorized large portions of the book. Every time she hears the name Jesus, she tells people Jesus is the Lamb of God. Now 1 and ½ years later, at 5, she knows and tells everyone Jesus is the Lamb who takes away the sins of the world, and still thrills when she hears His Name

A Mr Perry in SA was requested every night for 1 week by his to read the Story “Why the Lamb?” to her. The best news about this is her dad was an unbeliever, but we believe not for long. Thank you 

Pam from Lamb contacted us after seeing the Book on the Printing Press Run, she ordered a number of books for people in her church congregation, Swan Anglican Parish. She reported the minister there was incredibly impressed and remarked this book is like a miniature Bible. We agree. Glory to God!
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